We are a small team from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley with a mission to spread the vegan message to as many corners of the Earth as possible. What better way than broadcasting your passion everywhere you go?

We use American made garments (unless otherwise specified) and offer a variety of organic options. Artwork for all the apparel is designed by me, Rachel, and the WarblerGarb website is developed and managed by Ramzi of LucidCraft Studios. Our local screen printer, Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations, was carefully selected with their eco-friendly printing process and responsible waste removal. Check out their page here!

Why Shop WarblerGarb?

At WarblerGarb, we are on a constant mission to reduce animal suffering and save planet Earth. You’ve heard it before – people are saying it – vegans save the world! When you wear our shirts, you are spreading an important message in a HUGE way.

Each design is created with the intention for the wearer to spark curiosity and questions from others about the vegan lifestyle. It could even encourage them to further learn more about the negative effects of animal consumption. Let your new garb give off your vibe and attract your tribe!

As WarblerGarb grows, we plan to give back a portion of profits to the community to help our human and animal friends in need. If you have a suggested organization that benefits from any help, just send an email– we’d love to hear about them!